Derby girls and Tattoos…oh my!

The Oil City Derby Girls are going to pound away at eachother this weekend at the Infest Tattoo show here in Edmonton. Check it out. We’re going to have some fun! Derby girls and tattoos goes together likeĀ  peanut butter and jam. See you there!


Results from the West Coast Rumble

The Oil City Girls took a trip to Victoria the weekend. These girls battled it out but lost 3 of their players when they hit a moose near Hinton. Down 3 of their own players but managed to recoup their lose by recruiting a couple of girls Victoria and 1 girl from Calgary. Despite that unfortunate event the girls lost 114-97 in favour of the Eves.

Oil City takes on the Eves of Destruction in Victoria

The RCpms from Edmonton is taking on the Eves of Destruction in Victoria, BC. These derby girls are trveling 13 hrs by car convoys to head out and play the girls on the island. After the ass whoping from last week are getting back on the horse and going to have a good ole time. Game experience brings strength to any organisation and these girls comprised of 6 vets and 6 rookies are going to play for heart and determination. Good luck ladies. Fight the good fight.

OCDG’s RCpms vs CRDA’ Hellion Rebellion

A battle to the end.

Tempers flared and emotions feuled. The RCpms fought a good battle but unfortunately lost in the end. The Hellion Rebellion put out the best of theirs against the RCpms veteran and rookie mixed team.

The score in the end was 117-29.

Battle in the Big Four was a fun and exciting game with ups and downs, ins and outs.

Oil City Derby Girls vs Calgary Roller Derby Association

The Wildrose cup was a challenge to Calgary’s team form the E-ville Roller Derby girls last season. Unfortunately E-ville lost the cup (103-105) in a wild and heartfelt battle. Seeing asthis was seemingly an Alberta Cup, this gave the Oil City girls to challenge for the cup. On April 5 the Oil City girls and their fans are chartering a bus and heading to Calgary to take the cup back.

wildrose cup

Cup Challenge

Congradulations Ladies

We are happy to announce that Hoochie Mama and Trailer Trish from the OCDG andĀ  Sour Cherry have been chosen to join the Team Canada going to the UK. Curreently the girls plan on starting off in Glasgow, then to London and lastly Birmingham. Edmonton’s players intend to do some fundraising as well as the hunt for sponsors to help them and their team mates (girls from across Canada) get to the UK. Give em a hand if you can. CONGRATS Ladies!

OCDG History

Sour Cherry Founder – Founded by Sour Cherry (all the girls have roller identities) in 2005, the Oil City Derby Girls are Edmonton’s first roller derby team! It means that they usually don’t have anybody to play, but it might not be that way for long. Roller derby’s revival has been quietly spreading across North America.

There are already 30 leagues in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Associaton (WFTDA) and northern leagues are beginning to emerge across Canada, including Toronto, Hamilton, London, Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Roller Derby is a sport that goes way back to the dirty thirties, when it was more of a straight-up race around the track on a pair of roller sktaes. Today, it’s been transformed into something almost completely different. The track is still there, but the focus is less on making laps, and more about full contact knockdowns by ladies in skin-tight outfits.

I guess it’s the way most sports are going these days. Group president, Hoochie Mama, told me that they recently had their first “bout” against the Denver Rocky Mountain Roller girls in December 2006 – a game they unfortunately lost. It was just good experience for us, “Hoochie Mama says, “the more games we can play against inter-league teams the better we’ll get.” Until then, the Derby Girls will have to make do with practising against each other, but these girls don’t tkae it easy, even on members of their own team. You get knocked down a lot” says Short Stack’d, whose four foot-nine frame was raised a bit higher off the ground than usual by her skates. “My ass is black and blue from falling onto the track. When girls come in, the first thing they get taught is the right way to fall. Considering how often you go down you can really mess yourself up if you land on your spine”.



As difficult as it is to get national and international bouts, the Oil City Girls took on the Terminal City Girls from Vancouver. It was an aggresive and tactical game with hard hits from Sour Cherry and mad dash snatch and grabs from Dee Vicious. Heat exhaustion was setting in with the girls even with the fans blowing. An unfortunate injury for Peaches who left the game in the final minutes of the bout. A dislocated shoulder left her on the side lines for a good 3 month period of time. Amazing jamming from Rollergirl (TCRG) and Cheeky (OCDG). But the hard hitting game surprised the TCRG but the speed from TCRG left the OCDG girls equally surprised.

Score TCRG 108 OCDG 85




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